Honorable Members of Our Community, Esteemed Colleagues,

Indispensable Members of Our Team, Distinguished Nurse and Perfusionist Friends; Dear Sector Employees who provide the necessary drug and device support for the execution of our profession;

Despite all the difficulties and the heavy responsibilities of our profession, we have always endeavored to do our best successfully. Until today, we have come together at our National Congress every two years under the name of “Big Reunion” and shared scientific discussions and experiences. We talked about it whenever we got the chance. We used to go longing with each other.

We are very hopeful and eager to be able to hold our big reunion, which we will hold on 17-20 November 2022 this year, again with enthusiasm. We will meet face-to-face, share scientific discussions, share experiences and quench the longing.

We will spend four days full of surprise guests, together with our very valuable international and national speakers, in scientific sessions with lots of controversy.

As in previous years, we will bring th industry together with you with satellite sessions Undoubtedly, we, who work in the field of cardiovascular surgery, are focused on getting through all kinds of difficulties due to the nature of our profession, with our effort and dedication. On November 17-20, at our 17th National Congress, there will be a dynamic and enjoyable “Big Reunion” with its rich scientific content, which will make us smile with the effort and participation of all of us. Prof. Ahmet Kürşat Bozkurt

President of Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery